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About Koganecho Bazaar 2015

"Art together with the Town"

Koganecho Bazaar is an art festival organized as an ongoing effort towards community-renovation of the Koganecho area in Yokohama, with the theme of "revitalizing the town through art" by Hatsunecho-Koganecho and Hinodecho Environmental Cleanup Association and Koganecho Area Management Center.
Since 2008, Koganecho Bazaar has been held yearly in the area between Hinodecho Station and Koganecho Station on the Keikyu line. It presents art projects utilizing various spaces in the area; including the studios beneath the railway-bridge, small buildings and empty lots. Over the last seven years, a total number of 180 groups and individual artists, curators and architects from Japan and abroad have participated in the festival.

As the 8th edition of Koganecho Bazaar, “Koganecho Bazaar 2015” will work with the theme of "Art together with the Town." The exhibition will be composed of 3 art programs, the "Bazaar Program" that will show new artworks, which will be made by artists throughout an approximately 2 month long residency in the area, a special program "Masaki Miyamae and Workshop" and "Yokohama-Chengdu Artist-in-Residence Exchange Program" that will feature 14 artists in total. The exhibition aims to rediscover the history and charm of the area, and also be an opportunity to think about the future of the town. To achieve this goal, not only art exhibitions but also project-based works and tours, taking into consideration architecture and community-development, will be organized during the exhibition period.
The exchange between artists, local community and visitors will give us the opportunity to better understand a variety of cultures, and to explore new possibilities of art and community.

Exhibition Outline

TitleKoganecho Bazaar 2015 - Art together with the Town
DatesOctober 1 [Thu], 2015 – November 3 [Tue/Holiday], 2015
VenueStudios, neighborhood shops, outdoor areas, etc. beneath and along Keikyu Railway, from Hinodecho Station to Koganecho Station
Hours11:00 – 18:30
Closed onMonday(open if Monday is national holiday and closed on the following day)
AdmissionKoganecho Bazaar 2015 Passport[valid during entire exhibition period]: Advance ticket: 300yen
Regular ticket: 500yen
※free for junior high school student and below
Organized by NPO Koganecho Area Management Center, The Hatsunecho-Koganecho and Hinodecho Environment Cleanup Initiative Committee
Co-organized byYokohama City
Granted by

List of participating Artists

14 artists will participate in the art program, composed of "Bazaar Program," special program "Masaki Miyamae and Workshop" and "Yokohama-Chengju Artist-in-Residence Exchange Program."

Bazaar Program
Notes:*Artist name (Country of origin / City currently based in)
"Mobile Sound", 2013 / Sound art performance / Microphone, PA sound system, loop station effect
Arnont Nongyao(Chiang Mai / Thai)

[Open Call]
After receiving his degree from the faculty of Fine Art at Chiangmai University in 2003, although Arnont graduated from the painting department, he is working with various media, including sound, video, installation, site-specific and public art etc. Arnont's work is engaged with his interest in vibration; he works on diverse vibration-related experimental art projects.

"The Waves", 2013-4 / Video installation / 2’55”
Kim Woojin(Seoul / Korea)

[Recommended by:mite-ugro]
KIM Woojin received a BFA in Painting at Ewha Womans University in 1999 and an MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2012. She made several artworks of painting and printing installation and video installation. She is interested in the opinions of certain people who live in a specific area and era. She explores several installation methods to get viewers involved in the artworks.

Recommended by:mite-ugro / Seungki Cho (Director)
Mite-Ugro is a non-profit art space and an organization that is located in the traditional market at the center of Gwangju downtown where the Korean government's projects such as Gwangju Biennale and Asia Culture Complex have placed; it was established by the local artists and the curators. We are currently working on international residency, young artists' artwork creation supports, international exchange exhibitions, independent curators workshops, etc., and are striving for artists exchanges and culture exchanges through the residency program which is based on Asia.

"Light portrait", 2014- / Photograph, light box
Nguyen Hong Ngoc
(Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam)

[Open Call]
Nguyen Hong Ngoc graduated from Vietnam Fine Art University, majoring in Art history and Criticism. Nau has been interested in light since 2013, and researched about light in such fields as philosophy, physics, religion and psychology. Her artworks have involved experimentation under a wide range of forms and materials, from mediated photography, the body and the performative, sculptural objects, installation and holograms.

"INCOGNITARIUM FUSCUM", 2014 / Plaster cast, soil, rocks
Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Manila
Joseph Gabriel(Manila / Philippines)

[Recommended by 98B COLLABoratory]
Joseph Gabriel obtained his BFA in Painting from the University of the Philippines in 2013. Prior to his degree, he studied Sculpture at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, through an exchange program under the auspices of the French Government. His artistic practice primarily explores three-dimensional works. His sculptures and installations have an apparent ephemeral inclination--traversing sensorial, liminal and transitory encounters.

Recommended by:98B COLLABoratory/ Marika Constantino ( Co-director)
98B is a multi-disciplinary art COLLABoratory. It seeks to establish a convergence with artists, designers, curators, writers, musicians, filmmakers, activists, educators, researchers, cultural workers, performers, architects and students together with the general public. 98B organizes a wide variety of programs and activities to stimulate communication, promote diversity, and uphold creative engagements. 98B aspires to make art more accessible by involving and incorporating different stakeholders towards organically fostering a dynamic community.

"SERBA-SERBI UANG", 2013/ Single channel video / 4'00"
Natasha Gabriella Tontey
(Yogyakarta / Indonesia)

[Recommended by KUNCI Cultural Studies Center]
Graduated from the faculty of Graphic Design at Pelita Harapan University in 2011. Natasha's work mainly explores personal horror. She tries to combine fiction, dream and memory with interdisciplinary approach as an artistic practice. For her, design is a communication, while art is the concern.

Recommended by KUNCI Cultural Studies Center / Antariksa (historian, co-founding member)
KUNCI Cultural Studies Center is a non-profit and independent organization that was established in 1999 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. KUNCI inhabits a precarious position of belonging to neither this nor that within existing disciplinary boundaries while aiming at expanding them. The collective's membership is open and voluntary, and is so far based on an affinity to creative experimentation and speculative inquiry with focus on intersections between theory and practice. Since its founding in 1999 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, KUNCI has been deeply preoccupied with critical knowledge production and sharing through means of media publication, cross-disciplinary encounter, research-action, artistic intervention and vernacular education within and across community spaces.

"boysclubofamerica", 2014 / Pictorial book, stamp, letter etc.
Rie Iwatake(Yokohama / Japan)

[Open Call]
Rie Iwatake originally studied traditional textile design at Kanazawa College of Art. Working in a variety of media, she has exhibited internationally since graduating with an MA in studio art from Tsukuba University in 2010.

"omen", 2014 / Acrylic on canvas
Taishi Urakawa(Fukuoka / Japan)

[Recommended by Shingo Yamano(Director, Koganecho Bazaar)]
Taishi Urakawa was born in Fukuoka in 1994. He started his career in 2013, and he is a student of Kyushu Sangyo University art department. He is interested in the existence of the thing and recognition, and produces drawings of indeterminate form, objects and fluid installations.

Recommended by Shingo Yamano (Director/ Kognaecho Bazaar)
Shingo Yamano was born in 1950 in Kasuya, Fukuoka, Japan. Since 1978, he has hosted IAF Art Laboratory and has planned a number of exhibitions and events. In 1990, he became a director of Museum City Project and produced "Museum City Tenjin," an art exhibition held around the city in Fukuoka. Until now, he has made a lot of exhibitions and workshops considering the relationship between Art and City. He became director of Kognanecho Bazaar in 2008, and has been working as a director of Kognaecho Area Management Center from 2009 until now.

"Nishiogi Santa Claus", 2014 / Video / 30'00"
Kotaka Takuro(Tokyo / Japan)

[Recommended by Art Center Ongoing]
Takuro Kotaka started his creation around 2004 when traveling around Africa and the Middle East. He ran a second-hand shop called "Kotaka Shop" until 2012. Recently, he is working on filmmaking and also hosting events and writing columns. In "National Sex Museum in Okutama," he explored the sexual culture that is buried alive in the local. "Welcome to the Corrupted Henro Village" is a documentary film of his journey as a pilgrim, called Ohenro, in Shikoku, Japan, to find the legendary village of corrupted pilgrims. In "Last 30days of Kotaka Shop," he organized a demonstration against his original Kotaka Shop and made it bankrupt.

Recommended by:Art Center Ongoing / Nozomu Ogawa (Director)
Art Center Ongoing is a multi-functional art space with a gallery space. Since its inception, it has been introducing cutting-edge contemporary artists. It also houses a café and bar that facilitates networking and a library that provides an open access to a unique archive of information on the artists. The center also proactively organizes symposiums, live music events and other activities to further possibilities of current creative expressions.

Sakamoto Yuri (Yokohama / Japan)

[Recommended by Tomoyo Mizuya(Curatorial Team/ Koganecho Bazaar)]
Yuri Sakamoto graduated from Tama Art University in 2005. She received The 8th Annual Taro Okamoto Memorial Award for Contemporary Art in the same year. She has participated in the artist-in-residence program in Koganecho since 2009. She creates artworks based on uncomfortable feelings that she gets from relationships in daily life.

Recommended by Tomoyo Mizuya(Curatorial Team/ Koganecho Bazaar)
Born in 1988 in Tokyo, Japan, and currently based in Tokyo. She finished her Master's in the Industrial Art Course at Metropolitan University of Tokyo. Working as a coordinator of art projects, such as Tadashi Kawamata Tokyo in Progress and CIAN-Center for Interlocal Art Network, she is studying how people get involved in and are influenced by art projects that occur in public space. In 2013, she started to work in Koganecho Area Management Center as a member of the curatorial team.

"Who is this", 2015 / Photograph
Shindo Fuyuka (Sapporo / Japan)

[Recommended by Art Center Ongoing]
Fuyuka Shindo completed her BA in art at Hokkaido University of Education in 2000 and an MFA at the University of Ulster in 2006, in Northern Ireland. Embroidery, hand sewing and other media are employed in her works. She researches traditional crafts and ethnological items at her home, in Hokkaido, and around this region, then applies this craft-making into her arts practice.

Recommended by:Art Center Ongoing / Nozomu Ogawa (Director)
Art Center Ongoing is a multi-functional art space with a gallery space. Since its inception, it has been introducing cutting-edge contemporary artists. It also houses a café and bar that facilitates networking and a library that provides an open access to a unique archive of information on the artists. The center also proactively organizes symposiums, live music events and other activities to further possibilities of current creative expressions.

"bride/ first house/seamstress", 2012 / Plywood, silver foil, tempera
merino(Yokohama / Japan)

[Recommended by Lee Jihee(Curatorial Team/ Koganecho Bazaar)]
merino paints with a technique called "egg tempera" that was used in Italy in the medieval and Renaissance periods. She has been drawing a virtual village for more than 10 years; drawing nut and seed buildings and various imagined stories about the people living in them. She has participated in the artist-in-residence program in Koganecho since January 2011.

Recommended by Lee Jihee (Curatorial Team/ Koganecho Bazaar)
Born in 1987 in Seoul, Korea, and currently based in Japan since 2007. She graduated from the department of Art Science at Tama Art University. While studying Korean Modern Art History of the Japanese colonial time, she started to work in Koganecho Area Management Center in 2012, using her knowledge of art history, and utilizing her communication abilities in both Korean and Japanese. Since 2015, she has been working as a curator of site-A Gallery beneath the Railway in Koganecho and is planning several exhibitions.

Special Program "Masaki Miyamae and Workshop"

Masaki Miyamae is an artist who vigorously challenged a wide range of practice in the 1980s, but died young at the age of 43. This project brings a particular attention to his pioneering practice of workshop by inviting this deceased artist as a resident artist at the Koganecho Bazaar 2015 in collaboration with those artists and art professionals who have worked with or inspired from Miyamae's practice.
In the first half of the project period, three artists of Takayuki Yamamoto, Masanori Fujiki, and Yoshiaki Kaihatsu, will come and stay as a resident artist and produce works inspired by Miyamae's approach. A series of talks with these artists and those art professionals on Miyamae's workshop will also be conducted. In the latter half of the project, the result of three artists' projects will be presented together with those documentation and work of Miyamae. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the artist's death, this project reinvestigates and reinterprets Miyamae's artistic practice in an attempt to reconsider the meaning of increasingly popular socially engaged art and workshop practice today as well as rethinking the role of art and its relation to the Japanese society in the 1980s.

Organized by: Masaki Miyamae and Workshop Executive Committee
Co-organized by: NP Koganecho Area Management Center
Grant: The Asahi Shimbun Foundation

*Reference image
Yoshiaki Kaihatsu "Mole TV", 2014
*Reference image
Takayuki Yamamoto "Telling your future", 2012

Yokohama-Chengdu Artist-in-Residence Exchange Program

Yokohama Arts Foundation (Japan, Yokohama) , A4 Contemporary Arts Center (China, Chengdu) and Koganecho Area Management Center(Japan, Yokohama), cultural and artistic activities exchanges It is a business.

Yokohama City is currently developing a variety of cultural projects to advance and realization of "cultural and artistic creative city (Creative City) and Yokohama" initiative, the Asian cultural exchange with each city. This project, in view of the spirit, it is possible to provide an opportunity of production and published in up-and-coming artist, director, etc. to be based in Asia, aims to support their activities. In addition, by artists such as it makes a stay produced in a certain period of time Yokohama, and at the same time contribute to the formation of Yokohama aims "creative neighborhood", and through exchanges with stay artists and citizens, with the culture and art is taking advantage of the "creativity" It is intended that the it will help regional development.

"The Isometric", 2014 / X-ray film, glass, wood
Zhang Jin(Chengdu / China)

[Yokohama-Chengdu Artist-in-Residence Exchange Program]
After received his Chemistry PH.D from Polytechnic Institute of New York University in 2008, Jin Zhang retuned to Chengdu and investigate the history of Ancient Silk Road, finally he made tens of photo works. He's more interested in the iconography of interdisciplinary of art and other subjects. In recent works he made several image installations that mixed ready-mades and chemistry. He explores new possibilities of images, where truth is suspended.

"popup town. Miniature Koganecho", 2015 / Polystyrene board, projection mapping
Yoshimoto Naoki (Yokohama / Japan)

[Yokohama-Chengdu Artist-in-Residence Exchange Program]
After 10 years living in the the U.S., Naoki Yoshimoto has started filmmaking. In order to further its potentiality, he has explored many aspects of Cinema in multiple genres, such as experimental, drama, documentary, multi-performance and play. He moved to Koganecho in 2013, and participated in Koganecho Bazaar 2014. He created his first video installations "Koganecho popup town" and "yes/no project" there. Recently, he was chosen as Chengdu residence artist for two months, from July 2015.


To see art exhibitions, Koganecho Bazaar 2015, ticket called Koganecho Bazaar 2015 Passport is required. You can come and see the exhibitions, as many times as you would like during the Koganecho Bazaar 2015 period if you bring a ticket with you.
Advance 300yen (Available beginning August 1st until September 31th, 2015)
On the day 500yen (Available beginning October 1st until November 3rd)
*Free for junior high school students and below.
*The Advance ticket is exchange ticket.


By train
3 minute walk from Hinodecho Station or Kognaecho Station on Keikyu Line
15 minute walk from Sakuragicho Station on JR line or Yokohama City Subway
15 minute walk from Kannai Station on JR line
10 minute walk from Isezakichojamachi Station on Yokohama City Subway
By bus
Get off at Hinodecho-1-chome, by bus from JR Sakuragi-cho Station, Yokohama Station or Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. 3 minute walk from the bus stop.
*The bus from Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse are available only on Saturday, Sunday and National Holiday
From Airport
85 minute by bus from Narita International Airport to YCAT. Take Keikyu Line at Yokohama Station and get off Hinodecho Station. 3 minute walk from there.
30 minute by bus from Haneda Airport to YCAT. Take Keikyu Line at Yokohama Station and get off Hinodecho Station. 3 minute walk from there.



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