Memorial Kamis Payung Hitam, 2013
Yaya Sung(Jakarta, Indonesia)
[Recommended by KUNCI Cultural Studies Center]
Yaya Sung was born in 1986, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Sung started her career in contemporary photography since 2007 by engaging in various activities, such as: "Everyday Life in an Asian Metropolis workshop at Goethe Institute" (2007), "Ruang Perempuan" (Group Exhibition, 2008), and "Maps, Reimagined" (Group Exhibition, 2012). In beginning of 2013 she joined the Legal Artist Series, a program initiated by Ruang MES 56 that introduces latest practices and innovation in photography-based art in Indonesia. In early 2014 she started her first residency program at Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta. With photography, she questions and celebrates life, she reminisces and commemorates the past, and she criticizes and philosophizes life and past. She constructs realities, exploring visual possibilities. With photography, she deals with pain. The artist determined to create series of work that will raise awareness in life, the compassion toward other, the awareness of psychological pain, and the awareness of the freedom being of a human being.
Recommended by:KUNCI Cultural Studies Center / Antariksa (Researcher)
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