Journey of a piece of Soil, 2014
Truong Cong Tung(Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
[Recommended by Zero Station]
Truong Cong Tung was born in 1986, Buon Ho, Vietnam.
Truong Cong graduated from Ho Chi Minh university of Fine Arts in 2010. His major was lacquer painting. However, He has been moving further away from his painting background in other to pursue a more conceptual approach in art making. Tung is interested in spiritual culture, oral history, folklore, spell and evil spirits, those with strange and mysterious nuances. His works are a combination of video, installation, paintings, and found objects that reflects his personal thinking, the changes of society and the issue of race, religion and politics.
Recommended by:ZeroStation / Nguyen Nhu Huy (Director)
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