"Moist Sense installation", 2013-2014
Lifepatch(Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
[Recommended by KUNCI]
Lifepatch is a citizen initiative in art, science and technology (community-based organization) that has been working in a creative and effective application since 2012. Currently there are 9 persons working together from various backgrounds. Their main activities have been done in Yogyakarta. Lifepatch focuses on the art and science education, through practices using the technology for others. It does this through the development of creative and innovative technologies such as biological, environmental and digital technology. Lifepatch emphasizes the spirit of DIY (Do It Yourself) and DIWO (Do It With Others) by inviting members and anyone to involv in the process to examine, explore, develop and maximize the function of technology, in both theoretical and practical uses for the people and culture. Through the spirit and activities that we do, Lifepatch expects to be able to spur the emergence of a new pattern and system of the creative process of individuals and communities, as well as interaction between individuals in a series of interdisciplinary community work. Their mission is to develop a human, natural and other potential resources, by building the bridges between domestic and international collaborations that provide open platform for everyone.
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Recommended by:KUNCI Cultural Studies Center / Antariksa (Researcher)
KUNCI Cultural Studies Center is a non-profit and independent organization which was established in 1999 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. KUNCI is working to create an Indonesian society that is culturally critical, open, and empowered. Its mission is to develop cultural studies with the spirit of experimentation and to advance its criticality into a wider movement through popular educational practices.
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