KOGANECHO BAZAAR2014 | Symposium on Contemporary Art, History and Current Issues in Asia



* Please use the following dedicated application for each programs of symposiun.
* Please check the「プログラム/Program」for the details of each programs.
* All programs are Admission free.
* It is possible to participate the symposium without
register the application on August 3rd till August 5th.
<Only August 6 th need to be pre-registration.>
* We are planning to have a long period of time for the symposiun duaring August 4 th till 6 August 6 th. We will prepare for the lunch (it cost around 700yen,undicided menu) If you would like to order the lunch please make an application till 30 th of July. If you apply for the lunch We will contact you for the details.

Koganecho Area Management Center
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TEL:+81-(0)45-261-5467 FAX : +81-(0)45-325-7222
TEL : +81-(0)45-261-5467