KOGANECHO BAZAAR2014 | Symposium on Contemporary Art, History and Current Issues in Asia

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WorkshopFictive Communities, Asia


This informal group workshop facilitates knowledge sharing, dialogues and networks among general public, university students, artists of Koganecho Bazaar 2014, and art organizers from the Asian region. Through the workshop, everyone’s input will organically form discussion groups. The workshop also includes a tour of Koganecho Bazaar 2014. Everyone is welcome to join.

Dates:August 6 (Wed) 11:00〜17:00
Venue:Site-D Beneath the Railways



August 5-6 |
Site-D Beneath the Railways /
1-2 Koganecho, Nakaku, Yokohama

3 minutes walk from Hinodecho Station or Koganecho Station on Keikyu Line
15 minutes walk from Sakuragicho Station on JR line or Yokohama City Subway
15 minutes walk from Kannai Station on JR line