KOGANECHO BAZAAR2014 | Symposium on Contemporary Art, History and Current Issues in Asia

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This program discusses the relationship between art and society by looking at specific examples from different areas in Asia. What is the role of art in the society? How do artists relate themselves to the society? These are some questions that will be tackled in the panel to elaborate the ever-changing role of art/artists in the globalized society.

Dates:August 5 (Tue) 11:00〜17:00 (Estimated time)
Venue:Site-D Beneath the Railways
Admission free|Consecutive interpretation (Japanese and English)


Antariksa (Researcher, KUNCI Cultural Studies Center)
Antariksa is researcher and co-founder of KUNCI Cultural Studies Center. He has a widely experience researching about Indonesian art and culture, contributing for a number of publications, and participating in international projects, including DOCUMENTA. In 2005, he published the book Tuan Tanah Kawin Muda: Hubungan Seni Rupa-LEKRA 1950-1965 (The Linkage Between the Art and Institute of People's Culture in Indonesia 1950-1965). He is now working on his new book about Indonesian art during Japanese occupation in 1940‘s Indonesia.
Marika B. Constantino (Co-Director, 98B COLLABoratory)
Marika B. Constantino is a visual artist who has participated in significant exhibitions in the Philippines and abroad. As a freelance writer, she contributes to a number of globally distributed publications. She shares her various experiences in the art practice to a wider audience as an educator and an independent curator. Her early exposure to art and her boundless fascination for the creative process resulted with a degree from the UP College of Architecture to further studies at the UP College of Fine Arts, with Art History as her major. Constantino is continually striving to strike the balance between the cerebral, conceptual and experiential aspects of art with life in general, thus, fueling her fervent passion for artistic endeavors. Currently, aside from her individual art practice, she is busy co-directing the programs and activities of 98B COLLABoratory.
Euncho Ko (Researcher, Mite-Ugro)
Euncho Ko earned a bachelor of arts in English literature and a bachelor of arts in German literature, both from Yonsei University in Seoul. Ko has completed the coursework of MBA in Arts & Cultural Management from Kyunghee School of Management MBA. She worked in various fields of activity such as an aid worker attached to an international development NGO, a convention planner, a cultural planner, and a writer. Currently, she is the director of a Life-lab, an institute of culture planning and social design. She is also a researcher of Art space Mite-Ugro, a non-profit organization in Gwangju, South Korea. She lives and works in Gwangju and fosters international network of artists and other practitioners in line with the goals of Mite-Ugro.
Sutthirat Supaparinya (Director, Chiang Mai Art Conversation)
Sutthirat Supaparinya is a video and installation artist. Through her works, she questions the interpretation of images in the media, paying attention to ancestors’ experiences and showing how large-scale electricity generation gives an impact to us. She also raises a discussion about the role of artist in society. She obtained a BFA in Painting from theFaculty of Fine Arts at Chiang Mai Universityand a Postgraduate degree in Media Arts from Hochschule Fuer Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig, Germany. She received a 2005 Imaging Our Mekong fellowship and a 2010 Asian Cultural Council fellowship at International Studio & Curatorial Program-ISCP in New York City. In 2010, she was selected to participate in the International Creator Residency Program at the Tokyo wonder Site Aoyama. Sutthirat's visual work is presented on www.atelierorange.info/. She lives and works in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and is a member of the Chiangmai Art Conversation, a non-profit organization promoting contemporary art and culture in Chiang Mai.
Nobuo Takamori (Director, Outsiders Factory)
Independent curator Nobuo Takamori lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. He established and runs the curation group, Outsiders Factory in Taipei, Taiwan, 2010. He has curated numerous exhibitions including “Post – Actitud, El Arte Contemporáneo de Jóvenes Artistas de Taiwán” (Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City, Mexico, 2011), a Vietnamese & Taiwanese Artists Exchange Project “South country, South of Country” (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Tainan, Taiwan 2012), “Sommerreise” (Berlin, Germany, 2013), “The Lost Garden” (Eslite Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, 2014). He is also the co-curator of 2014’s 4th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition, “The Return of Ghosts”. Takamori’s curatorial methodology aims to create the international artistic structures through the positions from multiple localities.
Makiko Hara (Guest curator, Koganecho Bazaar2014)
Makiko Hara was born in Tokyo. She is currently based in Vancouver, Canada. From 2007-2013, Hara was the curator of Centre A- Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art.She curates and co-curates numerous exhibitions and projects by regional, national and international artists. In January 2014, she was appointed to a guest curator of Koganecho Bazaar 2014.
Mayumi Hirano (Independent curator, researcher)
Mayumi Hirano is the curator of the symposium “Alternative Route” in 2013 and 2014 in Yokohama. After her curatorial experience with Koganecho Bazaar (2008-2012), Hirano relocated to Manila, Philippines, where she is currently busy curating exhibitions and projects. Hirano co-founded 98B COLLABoratory a multi-disciplinary space in 2012 and in 2013, she initiated an online archive of artists’ interviews, www.projectors.ph. She received Nippon Foundation’s API fellowship (2013-2014) Philippines & Thailand and was a researcher for Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong from 2007-2008. Hirano received her Master’s degree from Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, New York.
Nguyen Nhu Huy (Director, ZeroStation)
Born in 1971. He is a visual artist, independent curator, art critic and poet. His art practices is concerned to the relationship between present and past and the intervention of different tempo-spacial dimensions. His works have been shown internationally in Japan, France, and USA. Nhu Huy has also written, translated and published domestically and internationally on Vietnam contemporary art, culture, and art theory, and has been guest speakers for several intenational conference such as “Vietnam art post-doimoi”, held at Singapore Art Museum 2008, Asian Curator Conference organized by Japan Foundation 2010, etc. He is the director of ZeroStation.
Catherine Lee (Assistant director, Bamboo Curtain Studio)
Catherine Lee is the assistant director of Bamboo Curtain Studio since 2011. After she got the Master degree in Museum Science Program at Texas Tech University, she served as the project manager on community museums in National Development Initiative Institute (2003-2004, Taipei) and the executive secretary in National Science and Technology Museum (2004-2011, Kaohsiung). She participated in the project of “Art as Environment: A Cultural Action at Plum Tree Creek” as the education coordinator in the program of “There is a river in front of my school” while she works in BCS. Since then she has collaborated with curators, artists, designers, researchers, historians, scientists, ecological experts, environmental activists, community groups who have dedication to the environment issues through cultural actions. Catherine has also participated in the several projects that Bamboo Curtain Studio has carried on for so many years: “Residency and Exchanged Program in Bamboo Curtain Studio”, “Web Platform and Research on Artists Residency and Mobility in Taiwan”, and “Strategic Planning and Implementation of Creative City, Taipei”.
Li Jie (Curator, A4 Contemporary Arts Center)
Curator,Artist. Living in Chengdu, born in 1982. Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2005. Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Art College of Sichuan University in 2009. From 2007 to 2010, curator of Art Museum of Sichuan University. Since 2011, as the curator of Exhibition and Academic Department of A4 Contemporary Art Center, he responsible for the exhibition and contemporary art program curation, international cooperation, academic research and education.
Nozomu Ogawa (Director, Art Center Ongoing)
Born in 1976 in Tokyo. He graduated from the University of Tokyo Interfaculty Initiative with a Master’s degree in 2004. He founded a multi-functional art space, Art Center Ongoing in Kichijoji, Tokyo in 2008. He is currently the director of the center.
Shingo Yamano (Director, Koganecho Bazaar)
Shingo Yamano finished his studies at Mitsuo Kano’s copperplate printing workshop at the Bigakko Art School in 1971. In 1970s he started his practice as an artist in Fukuoka city. He founded IAF Art Laboratory for which he organized various study groups and exhibitions. In 1990, he started producing the city-wide art festival “Museum City Tenjin” while organizing numerous projects and workshops to explore the relationship between art and the city. He was the curator of Yokohama Triennale in 2005. Since 2009 he has been the Office Director of Koganecho Area Management Center.
Wu Darkuen (Curator, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts)
Born in 1974 in Taipei, Wu Dar-Kuen got his Master of Fine Arts from Taipei University of the Arts in 2002. Wu Dar-Keun is one of the founders of VT ARTSALON (Taiwan), and he was its director from 2009-2011. He was also the board member of Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan, founder of Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Alliance for the visual arts policy, and Association of Creative Economy Taiwan. Having a mission of exploring the unlimited boundary of contemporary arts, he is currently working as chief curator in Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (Taiwan), and is the columnist for La Vie magazine. He has been curating exhibitions since 2003, and his most recent curated exhibition “Asia Anarchy Alliance” in Tokyo Wonder Site and Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (2014) has received an international attention. Wu Dar-Kuen’s art practice integrates theatre, movies, arts teaching, arts criticism, publishing, and curating. His works have been shown internationally in Taiwan, England, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Iceland, USA, Indonesia, China, Japan, Korea and Macau...etc.


August 5-6 |
Site-D Beneath the Railways /
1-2 Koganecho, Nakaku, Yokohama

3 minutes walk from Hinodecho Station or Koganecho Station on Keikyu Line
15 minutes walk from Sakuragicho Station on JR line or Yokohama City Subway
15 minutes walk from Kannai Station on JR line