Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

About the Application

Q:  The guideline indicates that only one application per person will be accepted, but, could I submit another plan for another location in case if my desired location would be not available?
A:  Yes. We can accept only If you submit the same plan for two different locations. Please note that the organizer would also suggest different location after the acceptance of the project.
Q:  Is it possible for one person to submit two projects as a member of two different group projects?
A:  Yes. You can submit two projects as a member of two groups.
Q:  Is it the organization’s priority for a plan that incorporates the local issues about Koganecho?
A:  No. You do not need to reflect the specific local issues in the plan. The organizer will offer the opportunity to the all participants to learn about the Koganecho during the residency and production period.
In the case that your plan requires cooperation or collaboration with the local residents, our staff will help you to engage to the people accordingly.
Q:  I'm planning a performance work. Is it possible to propose a project that will be held only a few days during the festival?
A:  The organizer gives priority to a plan to be carried out continuously throughout the festival, but short-term presentation would be also a subject to be considered. For that case, the organizer offers a venue suits your needs for a short-term presentation.

About the Venue

Q:  I'm thinking to use a local store for my project site. How shall I proceed a necessary consultation with the store-owner in order to develop my plan?
A:  Please refrain direct negotiating with store-owner and landlord on the process of your planning. After the acceptance of the project, the organizer will negotiate with them on behalf of the artists. If you wish, you can indicate a specific name of the store in your proposal as of your preference.
Q:  Is there a limit to the venue construction?
A:  To the extent that the site can be restored as it original state, there is no restriction to the standard installation method such as painting the wall or using nails for hanging the artworks on the wall. If the project requires further construction such as removal of the walls or changing the building structure, the artists needs to make an advance arrangement with the organizer before conducting the construction, after the selection has been made.
Q:  How much restoration of the site is required after the exhibition?
A:  It depends on the venues. The former brothel site are relatively flexible for a large construction, but the studio venues under the Keihin Electric Express Railway line requires to be restore to its original state in principle. Since the restoration conditions differs in each venue, the organizer will arrange a preliminary meeting separately with each artist once the selection committee made the decision of the finalists.

About the Installation & Exhibition

Q:  Is " Koganecho Bazaar 2014 " paid event?
A:  Yes it is a paid event. For example, we issued a passport of 700 yen (500 yen for an advance purchase) in the fiscal year of 2013.
Q:  Is the artist required to reside for monitoring the work during the exhibition period?
A:  No. The organizer will take care of the monitoring and the artists are not required to reside with the artworks. The artists may be asked to reside during the public event such as open studio.
Q:  Can I leave my work at the site after the exhibition?
A:  The decision has to be made with a consultation of local residents and the building owners.