Harada Masayuki≪雲の切れ間に、一筋の雷歴。≫

Sound installation using home appliances and supplies presented by Harada Masayuki and collaboration work with Takuro Kumagaya, a contemporary dancer 
Time & Date: 14:00-/18:00- August 31, Sunday 
Place: Site-D Studio Beneath the Railways 
*Admission fee: 500yen 
*The application will be closed as soon as the number of applicants reaches the capacities.
HARADA Masayuki 
Try to find something different hidden in daily life and create installation using home appliances, supplies, and sounds/voices.
KUMAGAI Hiroaki 
The age of 15, started to dance at Sapporo Dance Studio Mind under Hirose Kenji. Since 2008, he had been to Montreal to be a member of Cirque du Soleil. After moved to Las Vegas he had performed at 800 stages there in 2 years.