Cindy Mochizuki≪loch/穴≫

Sound and video performance regarding the stories of "MONSTER"
Performance & Animation: Cindy Mochizuki Sound Design: Kohsuke Nakamura (Kangaroo Paw) Video Editing/Technical Assistance: Naoki Yoshimoto

Presented through the Koganecho Bazaar 2014


AUG 8 & 9 Door opens at 7:30
Performance at 8:00
Running time: 30 min

August 8: Reception to follow
August 9: Artist & Curator
conversation to follow

Place: nitehi works
3-47-1 Wakabacho , Nakaku , Yokohama city

Admission 1500 yen
includes 1 drink


loch is an interdisciplinary performance based on a collection of conversations that have been gathered in exchange for fortune readings from Koganecho residents around 'monsters.' Integrating audio recordings, projections and familial objects from the artist's aunt and mother's childhood home originally built in 1946. The house remains locked and exists beside their current place of residence in Yokohama.
The sound and moving images shape the architecture of memory, an imagined city through the 'monstrous' - a space, creature or thing of fear that we often recall in our everyday lives when faced with the unknown.