"LOVE & Hate Lunch Box" ,2007 ©OKADA Hiroko
OKADA Hiroko & Alternative Puppet Theater GEKIDAN ★ SHIKI
(Kanagawa, Japan)
OKADA Hiroko is a contemporary artist. Her work encompasses a wide range of fields, including video art, photography, painting, installation and performance. OKADA's work is a social commentary on the contemporary society based on her life experience - love, marriage, giving a birth and growing a child. Her work has been shown internationally in numerous museums and galleries. Since 2010, OKADA has been organizing the alternative puppet theatre "GEKIDAN★SHIKI" with artist and OKADA's husband, Makoto Aida as the adviser. "GEKIDAN★SHIKI" works with various people from common people to artists, and produces experimental performances employing various contemporary art forms. Koganecho Bazaar 2014 will present new works by OKADA Hiroko together with new experimental performance by the alternative puppet theatre "GEKIDAN★SHIKI".