《TENJIKU Daikobou》2013
Nagoya Zokei University of Art & Design
(Nagoya, Japan)
The Nagoya Zokei University of arts and design exhibition term will divided into four section.
Term one; Mitsunori Kimura stays at Koganecho. He will going to create books by drowing of his daily life.
Term two; Yo Keiso and Riku Shitara are going to have entitled in residence in Koganecho. They will exhibit a ceramic workshop "Tenjiku-Dai-Kobo" (Tenjiku Big Workshop) and a comic called "Tenjiku-Dai-Kobo-Monogatari" (The Narrative of Tenjiku Big Workshop).
Term three; It will be appeared a Big stomach in Koganecho by Mami Hirano.
She embody in city as a creature and create of equipmeant for chenge the mind of people as for one community. Term four; "TRANSIT 2014" Will be a collaboration of Japanese and German students working in the architectures and urban landscape. They will going to have a cooperative interactions with local people and the visitors.