Recipe Exchange Project - The baggage to be away from home for 2 years. , 2013
Yeh, Chen Yu(Taipei, Taiwan)
[Recommended by Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts]
Yeh Chen Yu was born in 1984, Taipei, Taiwan.
After joining the Graduate Institue of Trans-disciplinary Arts, Yeh started to put more attention to social issues, such as the politics in using of urban space, urban-rural gap, migrant labors, and culture jam or other movements. In 2012, Yeh and some artists started the artists collective "Cooking At Frontline", through cooking, eating and sharing, they apply social issues to daily life with an art gesture. Food is the best way to bridge up different communities and to ignite communications, it's also a trigger for alternative of social movement.
Recommended by:Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts / Wu Dar-Kuen (curator)
Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts is the first art museum specialized by an art university in Taiwan. KdMoFA protrudes itself by organizing exhibitions over the Taiwanese or Asian issues as well as hosting the Kuandu Biennale starting from 2008. The conceptual model of the museum is to be an academic, and at the same time, communal art museum while serving the bridge between the university and the local communities in order to play the significant role as both the professional artistic and social educator. Moreover, by extending the track from foreign artistic groups through exhibitions, it attempts to serve as the platform for international dialogue.