Wen-ji Jung & Ke-jeng Huang 01, 2012
Lulu Shur-tzy Hou(Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
[Recommended by Nobuo Takamori and Bamboo Curtain Studio]
Lulu Shur-tzy Hou was born in 1962,Jia-yi, Taiwan.
Hou graduated from the Department of Philosophy at National Taiwan University and has a Master of Fine Arts (Imaging Art)from the Rochester Institute of Technology, USA. Hou is currently working as assistant professor at the Department of Creative Design and Architecture at National University of Kaohsiung. Her works explore issues related to gender identification, self-identification, and third-world female laborer; thus her works voice and reflect social-economic issues of modern Taiwan. Hou's recent work focuses on Asian foreign brides in Taiwan in which she explores the lives of these female immigrants, their self-consciousness and struggle with identity.
Recommended by:Nobuo Takamori(Independent Curator) and Bamboo Curtain Studio
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