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AIR Manager Internship in Residence Program

本プログラムは、NPO法人黄金町エリアマネジメントセンターが約10年にわたり培ってきたアーティスト・イン・レジデンス(以下AIR)事業の実績とノウハウを生かし、将来のAIR事業を担う人材育成の場を提供する短期集中型のインターンシップです。研修者は黄金町エリアで一定期間滞在しながら、実践を通してAIR事業の手法を学ぶことができます。 本プログラムが実施される「黄金町バザール」の時期には、日頃から黄金町を拠点に活動する約50組のアーティストに加えて、本展参加のため国内外から招へいされたアーティストたちが、まちなかに点在するスタジオで滞在制作を行います。アーティスト同士、また地域コミュニティとの活発な交流は、「黄金町バザール」および黄金町AIR事業の大きな特徴といえるでしょう。 このような現場での出会いに積極的な姿勢で取り組むことができる、意欲あるインターンを募集します。
Koganecho Area Management Center (KAMC) has run an Artist in Residence program (AIR) for ten years since its foundation, 2009. In addition to this long-run program, we will start an Internship in Residence program as a part of this year's Koganecho Bazaar. This short but intensive Internship program provides an opportunity to stay in Koganecho and learn how to manage AIR through practice. During the program, KAMC invites many artists and there will happen living interchange among the artists and the local people. The interns are supposed to experience this active atmosphere in the Koganecho Bazaar. We are looking forward to the application from those who are eager to be a manager of AIR in the future.

≫黄金町バザール特設サイトはこちら (Koganecho Bazaar 2019 Official Web Site)

募集要項  Condition for Application

・募集要項 PDF:kb2019internship_condition_jp.pdf(129KB)
・Condition for Application PDF:kb2019internship_condition_en.pdf(62KB)

募集概要 Application Outline

■研修内容 What the intern is supposed to do
(1) AIR事業運営補助
(2) アーティスト滞在制作補助
(3) 企画運営補助

1. Support operation of AIR program.
2. Support creation of artists participating in the AIR program.
3. Support operation of curation in Koganecho Bazaar 2019.
*During the internship program, there will be held two sets of lecture and discussion with invited lectures.
*The interns will in some way present their outcome in Koganecho Bazaar 2019 at least once.

■研修期間(レジデンス) Term (Residency)

2019.08.01(Thu) - 2019.10.31(Thu)
*The interns are required to stay at least 30 days and at most 90 days.
*The actual duration of residence will be decided through discussion after the result announced.

■募集人数 The number of interns selected
Two (one from Japan, the other from abroad)

■対象 Expected Applicants
(1) AIR事業を始めたい個人または団体の代表者
(2) AIR事業を始めたい自治体職員
(3) AIR事業に関心のある学生
(4) 海外でAIR事業をスタートし、黄金町あるいは日本と関係づくりを希望する個人または団体の代表者

1. An individual or a representative of an organization who is eager to start AIR.
2. A worker in a local government who wants to start AIR program.
3. A student who concerns AIR program.
4. An individual or a representative of an organization who wants to start AIR program abroad and make connection with Koganecho or Japan.
*Regardless of age or gender.

■応募条件 Requirements for Application

1. The interns are basically required to reside in Koganecho area.
2. Have an English ability to speak at a conversational level.
3. Take out an insurance before coming to Japan. v

■待遇 Support from Organizer

1. Provide a residence space that KAMC manages. (Free)
2. Provide living expense of up to 200,000 JPY.
*The actual amount of living expense will be decided after the selection, according to the duration of the residence.
*A round-trip air fair is fully covered by the organizer.
*An expenditure of VISA application and insurance will be fully supported by the organizer.

■勤務地、レジデンス施設 Place to work and reside

Place to work: Koganecho Area Management Center (1-4 Koganecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama city, Kanagawa), and other places in Yokohama city.
Place to reside: the places where Koganecho Area Management Center manages.

■応募方法 How to apply
提出先:kb@koganecho.net (AIRマネージャー・インターンシップ担当)
・PDF:kb2019internship_application_form_jp.pdf (45KB)
・EXCEL:kb2019internship_application_form_jp.xls (76KB)

Please full fill the application form below and send it by e-mail to
*Please write down "AIR Manager Internship" in the subject of e-mail.
▶︎Download Application Form
・PDF:kb2019internship_application_form_en.pdf (16KB)
・EXCEL:kb2019internship_application_form_en.xls (76KB)

■募集締切 Submission Deadline
2019年5月19日(日) 必着 ※日本時間の23:59まで
All applications must be received by 23:59 on Sunday 19th May 2019 *Japan time

■選考方法とスケジュール Selection Schedule
5月25日(土) 書類選考結果通知
5月30日(木) 31日(金) 面接 ※スカイプ面接可
6月1日(土) 最終選考結果通知

Through selection of the application, we will have an interview on 30th and 31st May. According to the application and interview, who will work as an intern is decided. The result will be announced by e-mail.
25th May(Sat) Result of selection of application announced
30th and 31st May(Thu/Fri) Interview *Skype is available
1st June(Sat) Final result announced

■お問い合わせ Contact
「黄金町バザール2019 インターンシップ担当」
住所:〒231-0066 神奈川県横浜市中区黄金町1-4先 高架下スタジオSite-B

Koganecho Area Management Center
TEL:+81-(0)45-261-5467 Mail: kb@koganecho.net Website: http://www.koganecho.net
  • 黄金町エリアマネジメントセンター
  • 〒231-0054
  • 高架下スタジオSite-B
  • TEL : 045-261-5467
  • FAX : 045-325-7222
  • Site-B Beneath the Railways
  • 1-4 Koganecho Naka-ku,
  • TEL : +81-(0)45-261-5467
  • FAX : +81-(0)45-325-7222
  • MAIL : info@koganecho.net