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Koganecho Bazaar 2019 Open Call for Project Plan


第12回を迎える黄金町バザールは、「ニュー・メナジェリー」をテーマとし、2019年9月20日(金)から11月4日(月・祝)まで開催します。 このテーマに基づいた作品プランを4月9日(火)から5月19日(日)まで募集します。
We are delighted to announce that we will hold the 12th Koganecho Bazaar 2019 from September 20 (Fri) to November 4 (Mon). Theme of this year is New Menagerie. In this occasion, Koganecho Bazaar 2019 open call welcomes proposal from artists that resonate with this year's theme till May 19 (Sun), 2019.

≫黄金町バザール特設サイトはこちら (Koganecho Bazaar 2019 Official Web Site)

キュレトリアル・メッセージ「ニュー・メナジェリーについて」 Curatorial Message "About New Menagerie"

・キュレトリアル・メッセージ PDF:kb2019_curatorial_message.pdf(131KB)
・Curatorial Message PDF:kb2019_curatorial_message_en.pdf (660KB)

応募要項 Condition for Application

・応募要項 PDF:KB2019_opencall_190409.pdf (1.5MB)
・Condition for Application PDF:KB2019_opencall_190409_en.pdf (1.4MB)

提出書類(申請フォーマット) Application Materials

・申請書[様式1〜3] PDF:kb2019_shinseisho_jp.pdf (65KB)
・申請書[様式1〜3] EXCEL:kb2019_shinseisho_jp.xlsx (21KB)
・Application Materials[Form 1~5] PDF:KB2019_shinseisho_en.pdf (63KB)
・Application Materials[Form 1~5] EXCEL:KB2019_shinseisho_en.xlsx (34KB)

募集概要 Application Outline

1.募集期間 Application Acceptance Period
2019年4月9日(火) 〜 5月19日(日) ※必着
April 9 (Tue) - May 19 (Sun), 2019
*Applications must be sent through E-mail by this date.

2.採択件数 Numbers of Selection
A total of four applicants will be selected to participate in the Koganecho Bazaar residency.
*The actual number may change depending on the results of the selection process.

3.応募方法 Submission Method
Submissions are accepted by e-mail.
Please send the application materials (listed below) as attachments.
Data of up to 25 MB can be sent by e-mail.
For larger applications, use a file delivery service or upload the files to your own server and send us a link. Video works should be uploaded onto YouTube, Vimeo or your own server.

◆ 提出書類 ◆
⑴ 応募用紙[様式1]
⑵ 企画提案書[様式2-1、2-2]
⑶ 収支予算書[様式3]
⑷ ポートフォリオ[自由形式、過去の作品写真や活動記録など]

◆ Application Materials ◆
Download application forms 1 ~ 5 from our website and submit the following:
A. Application Form (Form 1)
B. Project Proposal (Form 2)
C. Estimated Budget (Form 3)
D. List of Submission (Form 4)
E. Portfolio (photographs of previous work, documentation of previous activity, etc.) *Portfolios should be sent as a PDF document
F. Letter of Recommendation (Form 5)
*For video work, please send a link for an edited version of the work no more than 5 minutes long.
*Only one application may be submitted per applicant (individual or group). Those who submit more than one proposal will not be considered.

5.提出先 E-mail address for submissions
E-mail: kb@koganecho.net (「黄金町バザール2019」作品プラン募集係)
Submissions must be sent to: kb@koganecho.net
Please send submissions with the title "KB 2019 Open Call Submission"

6.説明会 Briefing for artists
日時:2019年4月21日(日)14:00〜15:30 ※途中退出可
内容:1. 今回のテーマ、開催概要、応募書類の説明、質疑
   2. 候補となる展示場所(一部)の施設見学
申込方法:タイトルを「黄金町バザール2019説明会申込」とし、 「①氏名②電話番号③メールアドレス④参加希望人数」を明記の上、 Eメールにてお申し込みください。

7.お問合せ Contact
If you have any questions about the application process, please contact kb@koganecho.net between 22nd April ~ 26th April. Answers to questions will be published on our website on the 27th April.
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