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韓国慶南道立美術館企画展「asia in Asia - close by far away drums」に参加します

この度黄金町エリアマネジメントセンターは、韓国慶南道立美術館で2月14日より開催される企画展「asia in Asia - close by far away drums」に参加します。

Koganecho Area Management Center paticipate in the exhibition "asia in Asia - close by far away drums" that organized by Gyeongnam Art Museum, South Korea.

タイトル:asia in Asia - close by far away drums
会場:韓国慶南道立美術館 Gyeongnam Art Museum
(296, Yongji-ro, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea)
キュレーター:Jae Hwan Kim (Gyeongnam Art Museum Curator), Sang Ho Seo (Director of Open Space Bae)
コーディネーター:Nayun Lee
参加アーティスト・団体:1. Cheng Guang (China), Du zi (China), Zhang wei (China), Yang Mao-lin (Taiwan), Tang Tang-Fa (Taiwan), Chen Ching-yao (Taiwan), Area Park (Japan), Dinh Q.le (Vietnam), Wong hoy Cheong (Malaysia), Eunbi Kwon (Korea), Hyeong-Seob Cho (Korea)
2. Space Heem (Korea), HaantooS (Taiwan), Koganecho Area Management Center(Japan), Pier2 (Taiwan), Tactacles Gallery (Thailand), Art together Limited (Hong Kong)

In the last century, the majority of countries that are considered Asia have experienced modernization through the process of colonization and liberation. These extreme political and social changes produced intense state violence, which resulted in democratization movements, in order restore peace and order. Although it may perturb some people to say it this way, in the last 100 years the Asian region has experienced extremely swift modernization and within that same period it has experienced pre-modernization, modernization and post-modernization. This is a hugely important clue to understanding Asian-ness. On the other hand, this view has been criticized for leading to misunderstandings based on hasty generalizations and the diversity of the Asian region being overlooked.

Therefore, in this exhibition, we have tried to unravel the stories about Asia in the actual place that we are living, and not get buried in the popular concept of Asia that is being propagated in contemporary Korea. In a nutshell, the aim of this exhibition is to expose the real Asia that lies hidden under the Asia label. To put it in another way, we are searching for the singular, small-letter asias that form capital letter Asia.

So how can we find those numerous individual asias and what is the standard by which to define them? Out of the many different methods available, we chose to look at interpretations/circumstances/incidences in the political sphere of each individual region. Of course, there are political incidents in all regions however, the political events that have occurred in the Asian region over the last 100 years seem to have been more dynamic and involved more complicated relationships.

Therefore 'asia in Asia - from the politics' is not reconstructing Asia from a state level, but a regional level. In the words of the artists who are constructing the communications network across society, we are going to meet Asia. This is the reason that we have archived and displayed the details of activists' and artistic groups' activity by societies in individual regions. We also plan to include the works of ten artists who visualize the stories of (politics/society) in these regions.

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